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Getting Started

Get started with our short tutorial offering you a quick overview of Ziptales and the best way to customise it to your class.

Reading Levels

See the different readability measures Ziptales uses to determine the reading difficulty of the texts published in the library.

Curriculum Alignment

Australian and New Zealand Curriculum aligned, showing a direct link between the curriculum and our stories, activities, and SEL mini lessons.


Including all answers, story map (for student tracking), printable summaries and more.

Ziptales: The Full Guide

Our essential 50 page ebook program manual.

How To Use...

A really helpful series of ultra short video tutorials dealing with specific parts of the Ziptales library.


Access to the full scripts of key texts that need to be prepared before class work.


View replays of our webinars aimed at supporting teachers with aspects of the curriculum that are often harder to teach.

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