Curriculum Information

Ziptales has been mapped to the Australian and New Zealand curricula. It is to be found in the Curriculum Alignment matrix provided. It shows the curriculum document (left column) and the way Ziptales addresses every specific attainment target (right column).

The Ziptales offerings divide into two subsets:

  1. Related Ziptales Activities: elements inside the library which naturally connect to particular curriculum concepts. For example, at Year 3 in Australia: “Understand that paragraphs are a key organisational feature of written texts” (Australian attainment target)… Identify how paragraphs and topic sentences are used to organise text in the Extending Literacy Library story Snake! (True Tales)…” (Related Ziptales Activity)

  2. Specialised English Lessons: a total of 144 mini lessons on specific curriculum concepts - 47 for Developing Years, and 97 for Extending Years. For example, at Australian Year 3: “Understand that paragraphs are a key organisational feature of written texts…” (Australian attainment target)… Specialised English Lessons Writing Module: Organising Texts (Yrs 3 & 4) What is a Paragraph?”

The Specialised English Lessons are also to be found as a separate content section inside both the Developing Literacy F-2 and Extending Literacy 3-6 libraries.

Theme Units

Ziptales covers a wide range of popular classroom themes. These sheets offer 44 different units as diverse as Ancient Times, Bullying, Environment, Travel and so on.

Download our Theme Units PDF here.

Each unit offers suitable stories from the Ziptales library, with activities for Reading, Word Study, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Extension. As well, there is a matrix of suggestions for assessment of Spelling/Grammar, Reading, Writing and Oral Language.

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