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Timeless Tales  (Developing
                    Literacy F-2)

    Favourite stories from down the centuries, presented as graphic novels. Each has a set of worksheets
    for follow up classroom activities.

                           Sleeping Beauty: The famous story of the princess who comes under a curse. The only way
                           it can be resolved is by one who finds her and wakes her with a kiss. (630 words)
                           (RR 23-27, Flesch 1.2, Lexile 100-200) (Zip Stage 4)

                           Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The wicked queen is jealous of the beautiful Snow
                           White and plots to kill her. The princess is rescued by the kindly dwarfs, but the queen is still
                           determined to be rid of her. (604 words) (RR 23-27, Flesch 1.7, Lexile 100-200)
                           (Zip Stage 4)

                           Rapunzel: A lovely young girl is taken away by a terrible witch and imprisoned in a tall tower
                           with no door. One day a prince comes by … (700 words) (RR 23-27, Flesch 1.7, Lexile 100-
                           200) (Zip Stage 4)

                           The Ugly Duckling: The great Hans Christian Anderson tale about a ‘duckling’ whom
                           everyone mocks because he is ugly. After many a trial, he grows up into a beautiful swan.
                           (710 words) (RR 23-27, Flesch 1.6, Lexile 100-200) (Zip Stage 4)

                           Puss in Boots: The old miller leaves his son nothing but the cat. But what a clever cat it is.
                           Puss is so wily that he manages to befriend a king, outwit an ogre and arrange for his master
                           to become a prince. (790 words) (RR 23-27, Flesch 1.2, Lexile 100-200)
                           (Zip Stage 4)

                           Cinderella: A kind and beautiful girl is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.
                           But on the night of the great ball, a fairy godmother comes to her rescue. (762 words)
                           (RR 23-27, Flesch 2.1, Lexile 100-200) (Zip Stage 4)

                           Peter Pan: The celebrated story of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. Wendy, Michael
                           and John go off to Neverland - a fabulous place of fairies, mermaids, ‘lost boys’ and
                           pirates. A timeless classic full of adventure, excitement and love. (2328 words) (RR 23-27,
                           Flesch 2.3, Lexile 100-200) (Zip Stage 4)

                           Pinocchio: Geppetto longs for a child, so he creates a puppet who looks like a real boy.
                           However, Pinocchio is constantly running away and getting into trouble, despite being warned.
                           A highly moral, and very moving, story. (2166 words) (RR 23-27, Flesch 2.4,
                           Lexile 100-200) (Zip Stage 4)

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