Page 23 - Ziptales Program Manual - AU
P. 23

Make and Do    (Developing
               Literacy F-2
               & Extending
               Literacy 3-6)

Reading can be ‘procedural’ or ‘instructional’. Here are 18 ‘DIY’ projects, in three levels of difficulty. Children
can make a paper doll or finger puppets, at the simplest level, learn magic, or how to draw cartoons, or
create origami at the most challenging level. All projects come with a list of ‘ingredients’, photos, diagrams,
text and an explanatory voiceover.

Story Machine  (Extending

An interactive engine which allows children to pick characters, a setting and a plot for their story. They scan
all the many options on the screen and select what they want. Then they can print out the selection to use
as a scaffold for their writing, or for improvisation and group storytelling.

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