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ABC                                                 (Preschool &
Letter Fun
                                                    Literacy F-2)
A simple introduction to the alphabet.
The name of the letter (eg f) and its sound are  These lessons teach the
given, with a common word (eg fox) sounded       ABC. Children are taught to
out. The pictures are animated.                  recognise the letter (initial
                                                 sound), to write or draw
                                                 the letter, and to be able to
                                                 see the letter inside a word.
                                                 Worksheets are provided.

                                                    (Preschool )

  My First Words                                                                   (Preschool)

12                                               A range of popular word categories are presented:
                                                 pets, fruit, shapes, transport, the zoo, nature,
                                                 clothes and instruments.
                                                 Children choose a category, such as ‘Pets’ and
                                                 click on an example (eg dog). The word is said
                                                 aloud and there is a simple animation.
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