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Easy Readers                                          (Preschool &
Research around the world has affirmed the
importance of teaching phonics, as part of a          Literacy F-2)
blended and balanced approach to teaching

This module teaches the major phonics ‘families’
- short vowels (a, e, i, o, u plus revision), simple
consonant blends (l, r, s plus revision), consonant
digraphs (th, sh, ch, wh and revision) and long
vowels (a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e plus revision).

The approach is deliberately designed to be
fun. Dr Seuss was a strong inspiration. As an
example, for the short vowel ‘a’, a text called ‘Bad
Cat’ is offered. In this, children follow the comic
adventures of Max the cat, in rhyming verse, with
text highlighting. The group or class can read
through the text of ‘Bad Cat’, learning the pattern
of the short vowel ‘a’ as it naturally arises in the
humorous story.

Worksheets reinforcing the key teaching points
are provided for all ‘Easy Readers’.

          Worksheets are available for every story.

Puppet Plays                                          (Preschool &

                                                      Literacy F-2)

All the joy of live children’s theatre, with beautiful rod puppets telling simple affirmative stories.
(Suitable for Preschool to Year 2)

The Octopus: Little Joe and Captain Rocky C Rockbuster encounter an octopus. The captain
mocks the octopus. Then the ship needs saving from a sand bar – and he learns to be grateful.

(5 mins approx) Themes: The importance of animals, Consideration, Being grateful.

The Sea Monster: Captain Rocky C Rockbuster behaves badly. He refuses to ‘see’ a sea
serpent. Then he falls overboard, and is rescued by the monster. He changes his attitude.

(6 mins approx) Themes: Caring and sharing, Being grateful.

The Pirates’ Treasure: Little Joe and the Captain find themselves on an island. So do the
Pirate Queen and her crew. There follow a series of comic adventures. (7 mins approx)

Themes: Mutual tolerance, Sharing.

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