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Junior Readers  (Developing
                Literacy F-2)

     Engaging stories for children in the early primary years who can decode more complex texts.
     Our Junior Readers are ideal for children able to independently read RR Levels 16 – 22.

                            Imaginary Worlds

                            The Lonely Giant: No one will play with Gumble the giant. The children all say he is ugly.
                            Then one day, a boy is lost. Gumble goes to the rescue. (415 words) (RR 17-18, Flesch 0.8)
                            (Zip Stage 3)
                            Pinky the Elephant: A shy elephant is embarrassed about her long trunk. Everyone laughs
                            at her. But the trunk comes in handy in a series of challenges, and saves the day! (220 words)
                            (RR 16, Flesch 0.9) (Zip Stage 3)
                            The Silly Mouse: Monty the mouse is very foolish. He thinks he’s brave, but in fact he’s silly
                            and only just escapes a terrible fate, again and again … (578 words) (RR 17-18, Flesch 0.7)
                            (Zip Stage 3)
                            The Magic Suitcase: A little girl finds a magic suitcase which responds to her wishes. There
                            are three wonderful wishes, and they all turn out very well. (610 words) (RR 19-20, Flesch 1.5)
                            (Zip Stage 3)
                            Wheels of Speed: A boy is given a magical scooter which can fly off into the air. On this
                            wonderful scooter, he explores extraordinary worlds. (710 words) (RR 21-22, Flesch 2.3)
                            (Zip Stage 3)

                            People like Me

                            Tiny Ted saves Tilly: A little dog, the companion of an old lady, goes with her to the park
                            every day. One day, a savage dog appears. (234 words) (RR 16, Flesch 0.2) (Zip Stage 3)
                            The Gold Ring: Sam’s Mum has lost her gold wedding ring. It seems to have been stolen.
                            But by whom? (550 words) (RR 17-18, Flesch 0.2) (Zip Stage 3)
                            Nobody loves me: Sally is having a bad day with Amy, her sister, and her two brothers
                            Mark and Tim. But her Mum gets to the truth about what has really gone wrong.
                            (588 words) (RR 17-18, Flesch 0.8) (Zip Stage 3)
                            Before, I was bad: Trish is tired of being ‘a good girl’, so she experiments with being
                            a real nuisance. However, being rude to everyone is not such a good idea. (666 words)
                            (RR 19-20, Flesch 0.9) (Zip Stage 3)
                            Poor Little Rich Boy: Freddie lives in a huge house surrounded by luxury. However he
                            is lonely. One day he sees another little boy looking in through the gate, and longs to play
                            with him. (748 words) (RR 19-20, Flesch 0.6) (Zip Stage 3)

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