Theme: Transport

This unit deals with how we get around - bikes, cars, buses, trucks, horse and cart, trains, boats, ships, space ships, and more.

It is vital for teachers to understand the Ziptales 10 stage Reading Scheme, which governs how reading groups can be formed in a way which matches children’s abilities to the appropriate texts. To check on this essential resource - click here.

The 10 Zip Stages cover all levels of reading ability, from Foundation/Prep/Kindergarten through to Year 6. This scheme underpins the whole Themes module.

Learning Components

Focus Stories Comprehension Conventions Writing Speaking & Listening Extension
Zip Stage 1
Crazy Dreams
(Consonant Blends
Easy Readers)
Worksheet #1:
Answering Questions
Worksheet #2:
Adding ‘ed’
Write about or draw where you would go if you were driving a superfast train. In a small group, share what you know about trains. Report back to an audience. Paint a super-fast train then add some glitter to make it sparkle.
Zip Stage 2
When I was One
(Simple Digraphs
Easy Readers)
Write the numbers 1-5 and draw one thing the author may have done at each age. Worksheet #1:
The Amazing ‘wh’ Blend
Write about an adventure in a hot air balloon. Complete Worksheet #2:
All About Me
then read your answers aloud to an audience.
Draw and label vehicles that travel on the road (e.g. truck) and in the sky (e.g. hot-air balloon).
Zip Stage 3
Wheels of Speed
(Imaginary Worlds
Junior Readers)
Worksheet #2:
What’s the Order?
Worksheet #1:
Imagine you found a magic scooter like Jack. Write about where you would love to visit. Which do you prefer to ride, a bike or a scooter? Explain your reasons to an audience. Design a poster of different toys with wheels that children love.
Zip Stage 4
Galaxy Chase
General Worksheet #3:
Character Profiles
General Worksheet #1:
Galaxy Spell Check
General Worksheet #4:
Space Narratives
Partner Activity – General Worksheet #2:
Story Sequencing
Make a rocket using craft materials.
Zip Stage 5
There’s a Train Coming
General Worksheet #1:
What Happened?
List words that use the vowel digraph ‘ai’ differently (e.g. train air, tail). Write a narrative about a close encounter with an oncoming train. In pairs, complete General Worksheet #2:
Unscramble the Story
Create an informative poster using interesting facts about trains.
Zip Stage 5
Dr Wow
Write a character profile about Dr Harry. General Worksheet #1:
Adjectives and their Meanings
General Worksheet #2:
The Thrill of Time Travel
In pairs, predict what new types of transport could be used in 2070. Research a type of transport vehicle that improved people’s lives.
Zip Stage 5
A Ghost Story
General Worksheet #1:
Create a Cause and Effect Chart
Study silent letters e.g. ‘h’ in ghost, ‘b’ in numb, ‘k’ in know. General Worksheet #3:
Become a Ghost Hunter!
General Worksheet #2:
Design a Graph
Research the history of the horse and buggy.
Zip Stage 6
Subway Hero
(True Tales)
Retell the story from the train driver’s point of view. General Worksheet #1:
Exclamation Marks
General Worksheet #4:
Positive Impressions
Orally share responses to General Worksheet #2:
Who is Your Hero?
General Worksheet #3:
Design a Medal
Zip Stage 6
General Worksheet #2:
Before and After
General Worksheet #1:
Pronoun Hunt
General Worksheet #3:
Retell the Story
In pairs, list the positive and negative things about catching a bus to school. General Worksheet #4:
First Aid Kit
Zip Stage 7
Kay Cottee’s Adventures
(True Tales)
General Worksheet #2:
Dear Diary...
General Worksheet #1:
A Dash of This and a Dash of That...
Write an explanation text about how yachts float. Present an oral report about a teenager who has sailed around the world (e.g. Jessica Watson, Jesse Martin). General Worksheet #3:
Australians of the Year
Zip Stage 7
(True Tales)
Use details from the story to create a timeline of events from Sunday – Thursday. General Worksheet #1:
Abbreviations &
General Worksheet #2:
Design a Glossary
Write an imaginary recount about a scary journey in a chosen transportation vehicle. Group work – General Worksheet #3:
Survival of the Fittest
Design and build a simple model of a yacht. Test it for durability and speed.
Zip Stage 8
The Titanic
(True Tales)
General Worksheet #2:
Fact or Opinion?
General Worksheet #1:
Apostrophes of Ownership
General Worksheet #3:
Keeping a Journal
In pairs, design a model of an ‘unsinkable’ boat. General Worksheet #4:
Explaining Icebergs
Zip Stage 8
Blast Off!
(True Tales)
General Worksheet #3:
The Speech
General Worksheet #2:
Space Talk
Write a detailed information report about the history of rockets. Build a simple bottle rocket and explain how it works to an audience. General Worksheet #1:
Research Space Travel
Zip Stage 8
Two Hours From Town
General Worksheet #1:
Meddling with Metaphors
Use words from the title to study homophones i.e. two, too, to & hours, ours. Write an explanation text about how aeroplanes fly. In a small group, complete General Worksheet #2:
A Different Kind of School
General Worksheet #3:
Outback Emergency
Zip Stage 9
Runaway Ghost Train
(True Tales
Advanced Library)
Use details from the text to list the reasons why the runaway train was so dangerous. Find different examples of prepositions in the story e.g. across the Hudson River (pg 1). Worksheet #1:
Building Tension
Worksheet #2:
Railway Safety
Worksheet #2:
Extension Activities
Zip Stage 9
The White Mouse
Advanced Library)
Use the date references to create a timeline of events in the text. Worksheet #1:
Know Your ‘isms’
Worksheet #2:
The Women of World War II
Create a slide show presentation about the army vehicles of World War II. Research the history of ambulance vehicles.
Zip Stage 10
(True Tales
Advanced Library)
Explain briefly the sequence of events that led up to the Cookie Cutter being located. Worksheet #1:
Dot, Dot, Dot...
(ellipsis study)
Write an imaginary narrative about a terrifying experience in a yacht. Create a detailed poster about the history of keel design. Present it to an audience. Worksheet #2:
Measuring the Elements

Assessment Ideas

  • Generate a spelling list for students to learn using transportation vehicles e.g. train, bus, aeroplane, car, bicycle, billy cart, truck, jet, helicopter, scooter etc.
  • Use the Word Work and Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheets for the Reading Library stories to improve students’ spelling skills.
  • Demonstrate use of the verb/adverb agreement using the spelling list words e.g. The aeroplane landed roughly at the airport.
  • Select a passage from one of the on-line stories as dictation assessing knowledge of commas to separate items in a list.
  • Complete the Fill the Gaps and Multiple Choice questions at the end of the story (available for the Junior Readers, Reading Library and Advanced Library genre stories).
  • Use the Learning Support Worksheets for the Reading Library stories to practise a range of reading skills.
  • Using events, characters and themes, create a crossword about one of the on-line stories.
  • Rewrite one of the on-line stories from a different point of view e.g. Two Hours From Town - Dad’s point of view, Subway Hero - Everett Sanderson’s point of view.
  • Write narratives using the topics:
    The Amazing Journey
    Runaway Truck!
    The Aeroplane that Vanished
  • Write a persuasive text using the topic ‘Seatbelts should be worn at all times when travelling by car.’
  • Create an advertisement for an amazing new transportation vehicle.
Oral Language
  • Watch a local main road for a set amount of time. Students take note of the various forms of transport used on the road recording the number of cars/trucks/motorbikes etc. In pairs, students transfer their data onto a chosen type of graph using computer software if possible.
  • In small groups, identify the advantages and disadvantages of travelling long distances in various forms of transport e.g. aeroplane, train, ship, car, truck or motorbike.
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