Theme: Technology

This unit deals with all sorts of fascinating technical aids and gadgets - robots, computers, television, time machines, microphones, toilets, fridges, the internet, and more.

It is vital for teachers to understand the Ziptales 10 stage Reading Scheme, which governs how reading groups can be formed in a way which matches children’s abilities to the appropriate texts. To check on this essential resource - click here.

The 10 Zip Stages cover all levels of reading ability, from Foundation/Prep/Kindergarten through to Year 6. This scheme underpins the whole Themes module.

Learning Components

Focus Stories Comprehension Conventions Writing Speaking & Listening Extension
Zip Stage 2
Close Your Eyes
(Long Vowels
Easy Readers)
Draw the things in the story under the headings Real and Not Real. Worksheet #1:
Exploring Sounds
Worksheet #2:
Writing Poems
In a small co-operative group, talk about how phones help us. Report back to an audience. Design a poster comparing an old fashioned phone to a modern smartphone.
Zip Stage 2
What Will I Do Tomorrow?
(Vowel/Consonant Digraphs
Easy Readers)
Worksheet #1:
Sentences Match
Worksheet #2:
Writing Questions
Write a story about meeting a strange robot with eyes that glow. Design a robot you would love to own and explain its features to an audience. Make a robot using clean, empty boxes, food containers and craft materials.
Zip Stage 3
Fun Facts About Fun
(Fun Facts
Junior Readers)
Worksheet #2:
True or False?
Worksheet #1:
Mystery Words
Write a recount about a visit to a fun park OR Design a fun new ride to go in a fun park. In pairs, research how modern toys/devices are different to toys used long ago. Carousels use an engine to turn around. Draw and label other things that use an engine.
Zip Stage 3
Tiny Ted Saves Tilly
(People Like Me
Junior Readers)
Worksheet #2:
Story Focus
Worksheet #1:
Spelling/Grammar Focus
Tilly loves watching TV. Write a review about your favourite television show. Survey others to find out their favourite television shows. Graph the results. Use electrical shop catalogues to find pictures of different types of screen devices.
Zip Stage 4
Sleeping Beauty
(Timeless Tales)
Multiple Choice Question Worksheet and Worksheet #2:
Who and What?
Worksheet #1:
Which Word?
Write a simple information report about the spinning wheel. Use the script (found here) to perform the story as Reader’s Theatre. Research a machine that helps people make or wash clothes.
Zip Stage 4
Loo Blues
List the things Dad tried to get Anna out of the toilet. What worked? General Worksheet #2:
General Worksheet #1:
Story Starters
Interview a senior community member about old fashioned toilets. Anna liked watching TV. Create a simple fact file about the invention of the TV.
Zip Stage 5
Dr Wow
Write a character profile about Dr Harry. General Worksheet #1:
Adjectives and their Meanings
General Worksheet #2:
The Thrill of Time Travel
In pairs, predict what new technology could be used in 2050. Choose an invention to research that helped improve people’s lives.
Zip Stage 5
Dr Wow in Atlantis
Describe how Billy feels on each page and why he is feeling that way. General Worksheet #1:
Swapping Synonyms
General Worksheet #2:
Facts about Mammals
Present an oral report about what a ‘Sat Nav’ is and how it works. Find out some interesting facts about the invention of the submarine.
Zip Stage 6
Talent Quest
Create a cause and effect chart for the main events in the story. Collate a spelling list of words with the suffix -phone e.g. microphone. General Worksheet #3:
Be who you want to be
Explain your idea for General Worksheet #1 to others. Design an informative poster about how a microphone works.
Zip Stage 6
The Midnight Raiders
Describe the relationship between Jenny and Max. General Worksheet #1:
Checking For Homophones
Write an explanation text about how refrigerators keep food cold. Present an oral report about the ‘Coolgardie safe’ or the ‘Esky’. Research how food was kept cold before we had refrigerators.
Zip Stage 7
The Bread Thief
General Worksheet #1:
Lost Pets
Locate examples of apostrophes of possession in the story. General Worksheet #2:
Holiday Fun
In pairs, research facts about the invention of the bread oven. Create a timeline of the technology used to heat and cook food.
Zip Stage 7
The Caped Crusader
General Worksheet #1:
Heroic Mishaps
Use caped to study rules for adding ed at the end of a word. Complete General Worksheet #2 then write about your adventures. In a small group, list the ways that cars help improve our lives. Compare modern cars to old fashioned cars.
Zip Stage 8
Crazy Codes
General Worksheet #1:
Getting Your Facts Right
General Worksheet #2:
Word Within Words
Complete General Worksheet #4 then write the mystery story. Present an oral report about the history of computer technology. Identify the ways computers help/hinder modern day life.
Zip Stage 8
Two Hours From Town
General Worksheet #1:
Meddling with Metaphors
Build a spelling list of silent h words e.g. hours. General Worksheet #3:
Outback Emergency
Work together to complete General Worksheet #2. Create a fact file about the C.B. Radio.
Zip Stage 9
The Blog Monster
Advanced Library)
Worksheet #1:
Using Slang
(Tasks 1 & 2)
Create a glossary explaining common internet references e.g. blog, virus. Worksheet #2:
Writing a Description
Worksheet #1 Extension Activity -
Write a guide for adults
Worksheet #2 Extension Activities
Zip Stage 10
Computer Games
Advanced Library)
Use evidence from the text to list the positive and negative aspects of playing computer games. Worksheet #1:
Facts About Phobias
Worksheet #2 Extension Activity 2 -
Compose an informative text
Worksheet #2:
Get Active!
(Task 1)
Research the history and development of computer game technology.
Zip Stage 10
Dream Maker
(Fantasy & Sci Fi
Advanced Library)
Explain the ‘twist’ ending to this story. Predict what you think happened after it ended. Worksheet #1:
Who or Whom?
Worksheet #2:
Intelligent Machines
Worksheet #2 Extension Activity 2 -
Read aloud to an audience.
Explain what Virtual Reality is and how and why it is used.

Assessment Ideas

  • Generate a spelling list related to a specific area of technology for students to learn. For example computers, home appliances, transport, inventions.
  • Use the Word Work and Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheets for the Reading Library stories to improve students’ spelling skills.
  • Use words from the spelling list in sentences that display the use of commas to separate items in a list.
  • Select a passage from one of the on-line stories as dictation assessing use of capital letters.
  • Complete the Fill the Gaps and Multiple Choice questions at the end of the story (available for the Junior Readers, Reading Library and Advanced Library genre stories).
  • Use the Learning Support Worksheets for the Reading Library stories to practise a range of reading skills.
  • Write descriptions in the format of ‘What Am I?’ using the technological devices from one or more of the on-line stories.
  • Design a front cover for one of the on-line stories.
  • Choose a character from one of the on-line stories and invent a device that would help make their life easier.
  • You find a strange device no one has ever seen or heard of. Write an imaginative story about what you do with it.
  • Create a narrative using one or more of these titles:
    Life in the Year 2090
    Epic Battle: Humans vs Robots
    My Invention Made Me Rich and Famous
  • Write an information text about a famous inventor (e.g. Charles Babbage) or a famous invention (e.g. the television).
  • Compose an explanation text about how an essential household device works (e.g. oven, refrigerator).
Oral Language
  • Conduct a debate about the negative and positive aspects of the internet.
  • In pairs, explore how technology has impacted how we communicate with each other in positive (e.g. videophones) and negative ways (e.g. online bullying).
  • Present an oral information report about a prototype of a device you think will change the world.
  • In small groups, present role plays about how certain inventions changed people’s lives forever (e.g. washing machine, toilet).
  • Invite parents or grandparents to speak about how their lives have improved thanks to technological advancement.
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