Theme: Space

This unit deals with outer space, astronauts, space ships, the ancient gods, flying fantasies (Peter Pan), and more.

It is vital for teachers to understand the Ziptales 10 stage Reading Scheme, which governs how reading groups can be formed in a way which matches children’s abilities to the appropriate texts. To check on this essential resource - click here.

The 10 Zip Stages cover all levels of reading ability, from Foundation/Prep/Kindergarten through to Year 6. This scheme underpins the whole Themes module.

Learning Components

Focus Stories Comprehension Conventions Writing Speaking & Listening Extension
Zip Stage 1
I Wish
(Short Vowels
Easy Readers)
Worksheet #1:
Find the Missing Words
Worksheet #2:
Adding ‘ing’
How would you fly up to the stars? Write or draw about it. In pairs, recite nursery rhymes about stars creating actions to go with the words. Use art and craft material to create a sparkly star.
Zip Stage 1
Crazy Dreams
(Consonant Blends
Easy Readers)
Worksheet #1:
Answering Questions
Worksheet #2:
Adding ‘ed’
Finish the sentence:
In the night sky, I can see...
Do you prefer the sky at night or in the day? Explain reasons for your answer. Design a night sky picture using black paper and foil.
Zip Stage 2
The Princess in the Tower
(Vowel/Consonant Digraphs
Easy Readers)
Write a summary of the problem the princess had, and how it all worked out for her. What are all the words in this story that have ‘ow’ in them? Can you put them in alphabetical order? Imagine the princess was writing about what happened to her? What would she say? Imagine that the princess and the owl had a conversation. Write it down. Owls have very special abilities? Can you find out about them?
Zip Stage 3
Fun Facts about Food
(Fun Facts
Junior Readers)
Worksheet #2:
True or False?
Worksheet #1:
Would you like to be an astronaut? Write reasons to support your answer. Look at pictures of space food. Discuss with a partner if you’d like to eat each one or not. Design a food menu for astronauts to take into space with them.
Zip Stage 3
Wheels of Speed
(Imaginary Worlds
Junior Readers)
Worksheet #2:
What’s the Order?
Worksheet #1:
Imagine you could travel at ‘the speed of light’. Where would you go? What would you do? Present an oral report about the importance of sunlight in our world. Plant seeds in 2 pots, putting one in the sun and one in a cupboard. Make notes on growth.
Zip Stage 4
Peter Pan
(Timeless Tales)
Multiple Choice Questions Worksheet & Worksheet #2:
Peter Pan’s Adventures
Worksheet #1:
Which Word?
Write an explanation text about how shadows are formed by the sun. Observe your shadow over different parts of the day. Record results and present to an audience. Draw a simple diagram or create a 3D model of the earth’s orbit around the sun.
Zip Stage 4
Galaxy Chase
General Worksheet #3:
Character Profiles
General Worksheet #1:
Galaxy Spell Check
General Worksheet #4:
Space Narratives
Partner Activity – General Worksheet #2:
Story Sequencing
Create a fact file about asteroids.
Zip Stage 5
Chalk and Cheese
How do you think Dougie felt at the end of the story? Why? Use the title of the story to study the digraph ‘ch’. General Worksheet #1:
Rocket Fuel Recipe
General Worksheet #2:
Disguise an Alien
Orally present responses.
Use recycled materials to create a model of an alien from outer space.
Zip Stage 6
Witch Upon A Star
Write a short sentence about how Winkle is feeling on each page of the story. General Worksheet #3:
Descriptive Words
Write an explanation text about why stars glow at night. General Worksheet #2:
Wish Upon a Star
Share responses.
General Worksheet #1:
Design Your Sign
Zip Stage 6
(Myths & Legends)
General Worksheet #3:
The Road to Victory
General Worksheet #1:
Similar Synonyms
Complete General Worksheet #4 then write a report about the Greek sun god. In pairs, research the names of Greek gods and goddess for each planet. General Worksheet #2:
Who Am I?
Zip Stage 7
The Caped Crusader
General Worksheet #1:
Heroic Mishaps
Research the etymology of the prefix ‘ast’ and other space related affixes (e.g. cosmo). Complete General Worksheet #2 then write a story about your adventures. Wilgo wants to be an astronaut. Present an oral report about a famous astronaut. Design a poster showing a detailed diagram of an astronaut’s spacesuit.
Zip Stage 8
Blast Off!
(True Tales)
General Worksheet #3:
The Speech
General Worksheet #2:
Space Talk
Write an explanation text about ‘G force’ (the force of gravity). Draw a diagram of the layers of the earth’s atmosphere and explain them to an audience. General Worksheet #1:
Research Space Travel
Zip Stage 9
The Stones
(People & Values
Advanced Library)
Worksheet #1:
Who’s Telling This Story?
Create a glossary for slang words used in the story e.g. guts, wag, swell, bogan (pg 1). Worksheet #2:
The Power of the Stone
What is astrology? Research this belief system and orally present your opinion about it. Research the connection between the planets and gemstones.
Zip Stage 10
Cell 13
Advanced Library)
Create a timeline of the main events from each of the 7 days the Professor was locked in the cell. Scan the text for dialogue adjectives other than ‘said’ e.g. declared, snorted (pg 1). Worksheet #1:
Describing a Setting
Worksheet #2:
The Lunar Effect
Worksheet #2:
Extension Activities
Zip Stage 10
The Sphinx and the Riddles
(Fantasy and Sci-Fi -
Advanced Library)
Display on a data grid each man’s riddle, the hologram they chose and why, and what they would do with the gold. Use a thesaurus to list synonyms for spaceship, orbiting (pg 1), galaxy (pg 4), planet, stellar (pg 5). Worksheet #1:
Twist Endings
Worksheet #2:
Solving Riddles
Design an informative poster about Proxima Centauri.

Assessment Ideas

  • Make a list of space related words for use as a spelling list e.g. rocket, alien, planet, star, comet, galaxy, moon, sun, meteor and astronaut.
  • Use the Word Work and Spelling and Vocabulary Worksheets for the Reading Library stories to improve students’ spelling skills.
  • Write each spelling list word in a sentence which demonstrates an example of a contraction e.g. The astronaut couldn’t wait to travel into space.
  • Select a passage from one of the on-line stories as dictation assessing knowledge of contractions.
  • Complete the Fill the Gaps and Multiple Choice questions at the end of the story (available for the Junior Readers, Reading Library and Advanced Library genre stories).
  • Use the Learning Support Worksheets for the Reading Library stories to practise a range of reading skills.
  • Design a cause and effect chart for one of the on-line stories showing the relationship between certain events and the effects they caused.
  • Create a diorama of one of the significant events from one of the on-line stories.
  • Write narratives using the following topics:
    A Journey to Outer Space
    My Best Friend the Alien
    The Crazy Astronaut
  • Write a report about an imaginary space creature. Include in the report: Name, Appearance, Origin, Likes, Dislikes and Family Members.
  • Write an acrostic poem using any of the planets. Use each letter to write something interesting about the planet.
  • Create a fact file about someone who has been to outer space.
  • Construct a timeline about the history of space travel.
Oral Language
  • Conduct a trivia quiz using questions about the solar system.
  • Present an oral report about a chosen space related phenomena e.g. black holes, the Southern Cross, a solar eclipse.
  • Design a book suitable for a student from a younger class using the topic ‘SPACE’. Books are then read aloud to the younger class.
  • Students work together in pairs to create a ‘Planet Information Table’. Facts for each planet could include: Type of Surface, Description of the Atmosphere, Number of Moons, Average Temperature, Length of day & Length of year.
Related Ziptales Activities:
  • Puzzle Palace: Word Play activity – Space; Drag and Drop activity – Star Ship; Tell the Story activity – Space Race.

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