School Pricing

Ziptales offers whole school licences, providing complete access for every student throughout the school to all our content.

Fees are determined by the school's student population. For K-12 schools, only count primary age students. Secondary schools have a special price, where it is used for Learning Support, ESL and Special Needs.

Paying for more than one year at a time also gives you a discount!

Each school is given a unique ‘single login’ for instant access. This is used by all teachers and students to connect to Ziptales.

A Home Reading Program (access to the Ziptales Student Dashboard and all stories) is available for free as part of your subscription. A separate login is provided for this home use version.

To find out more about our pricing, and how we can help you, please click here to request a quote. We also offer a Free Trial

Alternatively, you can call us any time (1800 004442) and we can discuss it with you.

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