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School Pricing

Ziptales offers a whole school site licence access to our content.
You can even have your students access all of our content from home, for free!
Paying for more than one year at a time gives you a discount.

Fees are determined by the school's student population as shown below. For K-12 schools, only count primary age students.

Australian Schools

Single Class - AUD250 plus GST

Up to 50 students - AUD350 plus GST

51 - 100 students - AUD500 plus GST

101 - 200 students - AUD750 plus GST

201 - 400 students - AUD950 plus GST

401 - 800 students - AUD1300 plus GST

Over 800+ students - AUD1600 plus GST

New Zealand Schools

Single Class - AUD250

Up to 50 students - AUD350

51 - 100 students - AUD500

101 - 200 students - AUD750

201 - 400 students - AUD950

401 - 800 students - AUD1300

Over 800+ students - AUD1600

Available Add-ons:

2 Year Pre-Paid Licence - Save 15%!
3 Year Pre-Paid Licence - Save 20%!

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