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iGroup Australasia is pleased to officially announce a significant milestone in its growth trajectory - a new strategic partnership with Ziptales, a leader in the education industry. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment for both companies as they combine their expertise to bring enhanced solutions and services to their respective clients.

iGroup is a leading one-stop shop for information products, learning solutions and library technologies in Australia and New Zealand. iGroup Australasia, one of the iGroup AsiaPacific subsidiaries has been covering Australia & New Zealand over 20 years. This year, iGroup celebrates an incredible milestone, marking four decades of innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

We provide our clients with a range of scholarly publications, e-journals, e-books, and technology solutions tailored to their needs to enable world-class research. We offer a range of services covering publishing platforms, Library Services Solutions and Authoring tools.

With local presence, expertise, and knowledge, we collaborate closely with various publishers and information and technology partners across the globe to develop advanced technology solutions. Our clients span clear various industries and sectors from Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Libraries to Government institutions across State and Federal levels.

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