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The 20 Minute Challenge

We all know that reading to and with our children is good for them! But why is it so important? Well, firstly we know that reading with your child doesn’t require any special skills, just a commitment of time and a patient ear. Reading together helps to grow self-esteem and gives the child that one on one time with a parent, which as they grow older often becomes less and less!

Most children have so many leisure options available to them these days, with TV, computer games, iPad and sports. Reading for 20 minutes a day with a parent can provide them with learning opportunities but also very important down time. Just as the body needs food to grow, so does the brain! The brain grows and develops as we “feed” it with knowledge and experiences. Listening and literacy skills improve as the child becomes more aware of phonics, sounds and repetition of words. Reading is a skill and like all other skills it takes time and patience to master. Therefore it would make sense to say that if we as parents committed to ensuring that our children read for 20 minutes every day that the skill of reading would be acquired more easily!

However as a busy parent I can fully appreciate that sometimes it feels like there just simply aren’t enough hours in the day! So here are some activities that our resident educational consultant “Ms Jane” has come up with that can help support your child’s reading on the days when 20 minutes just isn’t possible!

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