Crying in the Dark

Crying in the Dark:Bob and Ann are pleased when they rescue a little dog who has been crying in the dark nearby. They take it in and feed it. But who is the owner? They set off to find the dog’s owners and there is a happy reunion. (688 words) Themes: Compassion, Caring for animals, Relationships, Problem solving (Zip Stage 4) (Flesch grade 2.0) (Lexile 190)


Accused: Emily is worried because someone ate the chocolate cake. But who? Everyone thinks it was Emily herself, but after a while even she’s not sure. Mum prompts Emily to think again about what she did. A gentle look at doing something wrong, and dealing with the consequences. (754 words) Themes: Dishonesty, Accepting responsibility, Guilt (Zip Stage 5) (Flesch grade 2.7) (Lexile 370)

The Attic

The Attic: A curious girl is mystified by the forbidden locked attic in her aunt’s spooky old house. Does her aunt have some sort of Bluebeard type secret? She can’t contain her curiosity, and one night she enters the attic to find out what’s there. In the process, she gets into trouble, but the upshot is that she learns a lesson about obedience. (748 words) Themes: Breaking promises, Foolishness causes problems, Thinking the worst of people (Zip Stage 6) (Flesch grade 3.8) (Lexile 510)

Fishy Business

Fishy Business: Kate and Tim have a goldfish, Fin. The mystery is that he seems to be blowing bubbles out his back end. Can fish really fart? Fin seems to be, but why? They set out to solve the mystery – and sure enough find out why. (960 words) Themes: Applying logic to solve problems, Caring for others, Perseverance (Zip Stage 7) (Flesch grade 4.3) (Lexile 890)

The Fool Fails

The Fool Fails: On Monday morning there is a rude message about the teacher written on the whiteboard. Mr Farley is determined to find out who did it. Four children are the suspects responsible for the rude message. He interviews them and gradually works out who did it. (789 words) Themes: Dishonesty, Revenge, Applying logic to solve problems (Zip Stage 5) (Flesch grade 2.8) (Lexile 350)

The Midnight Raiders

The Midnight Raiders: It’s a hot summer, perfect for sneaking ice cream in the middle of the night. Max and Jenny creep downstairs to raid the freezer. However they are not the only people around. Is there a freezer fairy? What’s going on? (802 words) Themes: Applying logic to solve problems, Sibling rivalry (Zip Stage 6) (Flesch grade 3.6) (Lexile 680)

The Bread Thief

The Bread Thief: Scott’s dog Bounce goes missing. His friend Jake wants to help him find the dog, but meanwhile bread has been stolen from Jake’s family bakery. What a day! Is there a connection? Who is the mysterious bread thief? (1108 words) Themes: Caring for animals, Problem solving, Helping others (Zip Stage 7) (Flesch grade 4.7) (Lexile 810)

Time to Own Up

Time to Own Up: A theft has taken place during the night. Detective Tracy sets out to investigate. There are four suspects – all boys who live in the same boarding house. One by one, Tracy questions them and eliminates the innocent ones until he can deduce who did it. (728 words) Themes: Crime doesn’t pay, Applying logic to solve problems (Zip Stage 5) (Flesch grade 3.3) (Lexile 250)

Run Roger Run

Run, Roger, Run: Peter’s pet rat Roger keeps escaping from his locked cage. There are several suspects – Jenny (the sleepwalker), Jimmy (Peter’s little brother) or someone else. How did he get out without Mum hearing a noise and whose teeth marks are on the peg on the cage? (927 words) Themes: Animal intelligence, Family relationships, Applying logic to solve problems (Zip Stage 7) (Flesch grade 4.5) (Lexile 520)

The Case of the Fancy Dress Fiend

The Fancy Dress Fiend: Someone has maliciously trashed the room of the birthday girl, Brooke, during her birthday party. Who had the motive and the opportunity to do it without leaving any trace? Sally Sherlock investigates, interviews the suspects and gradually solves the mystery. (1923 words) Themes: Revenge, Sibling rivalry, Applying logic to solve problems (Zip Stage 6) (Flesch grade 4.2) (Lexile 480)

The Case of the Battered Bully

The Battered Bully: Bradley the bully, the terror of Year 7, has been making life unbearable for all the children on the school camp. However, one night, he is discovered beaten up. Who did it? No one seems to know and there are no clues. Sally Sherlock investigates and solves the mystery. (2606 words) Themes: Bullying, Dishonesty, Applying logic to solve problems (Zip Stage7 ) (Flesch grade 5.1) (Lexile 520)

The Case of the Crazy Codes

Crazy Codes: Someone has been writing abusive messages about the children in the Computer Club, which they find on their machines. But the culprit teases everyone by using a code. Who did it? Sally Sherlock investigates, checks out everyone’s story and alibi, and slowly solves the mystery. (3224 words) Themes: Bullying, Harassment, Applying logic to solve problems (Zip Stage 8) (Flesch grade 6.6) (Lexile 630)