Program Details – Interactive Readers

Interactive Readers Eight of the most popular Ziptales stories, across a wide range of genres, rewritten for Learning Support and ESL students. These stories are deliberately ‘hi-low’ (high interest/low readability). Special features include:
  • interactive prereading and post-reading exercises
  • text lights up to match the voiceover (to aid recognition and decoding)
  • art on every page
  • game add-ons to test comprehension, as well as motivate and reinforce

Spiders: Katrina is scared stiff of spiders. And there are spiders everywhere she turns. (527 words) (Flesch grade level: 2.2) (Lexile: 270) (Zip Stage 4)

The green ghost: Johnny agrees to spend the night in a haunted castle. (542 words) (Flesch grade level: 1.8) (Lexile: 150) (Zip Stage 4)

Pop star: Julie has been given a wonderful invention — a microphone that turns her voice into that of a pop star. But there’s a catch. There are some songs she cannot sing. (523 words) (Flesch grade level: 2.8) (Lexile: 410) (Zip Stage 4)

Where’s that rat?: Roger the rat keeps escaping from his locked cage. But how? (614 words) (Flesch grade level: 2.9) (Lexile: 340) (Zip Stage 4)

Paddy saves the day: Paddy the dog is in real trouble — when a life—threatening crisis allows Paddy to save the day. (692 words) (Flesch grade level: 1.8) (Lexile: 290) (Zip Stage 4)

Pests: There’s a mouse in the house. The owner calls a mouse exterminator. He brings a cat, which gets rid of the mouse. But how to get rid of the cat? And so on. (710 words) (Flesch grade level: 2.5) (Lexile: 707) (Zip Stage 4)

Treasure!: Luke finds a map showing a cave full of treasure. But he is not the only one looking. A high adrenalin adventure story. (732 words) (Flesch grade level: 2.2) (Lexile: 170) (Zip Stage 4)

The three tests: A folk tale about two brothers, a magic castle, a princess and a set of life or death tests. (1096 words) (Flesch grade level: 1.8) (Lexile: 300) (Zip Stage 4)