Program Details – Graphic Classics

The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince: Oscar Wilde’s immortal fairy tale of love and loyalty. A swallow lands at the feet of a golden statue (the prince). The prince, guilty for his callousness while alive, begs the swallow to do good deeds on his behalf. The bird obliges, but its extraordinary generosity comes at great cost. (1160 words) Themes: The importance of caring for others (Grade Level 3-6) (Zip Stage 6)

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast: Madame de Beaumont’s celebrated story of moral challenge and love triumphant. A beautiful young girl is forced to become the companion of a frightening beast, but her initial dismay turns to tolerance, and then to something far more wonderful. (1251 words) (Zip Stage 6)Themes: Compassion, Loyalty, Trust, Honour (Grade Level 3-6)


Aladdin:The famous tale of magic and daring. Aladdin becomes the master of a magical lamp and a powerful genie, and in due course marries the beautiful princess. However, the evil sorceror is plotting a terrible revenge. (1340 words) Themes: Ingenuity and endurance, Loyalty and Love (Grade Level 3-6) (Zip Stage 8)

King Arthur

King Arthur: From his humble beginnings as the squire who pulls the magic sword Excalibur from the stone, through the golden years of Camelot, to Arthur’s sad end, this is a shortened version of the greatest of chivalric tales. (1107 words) Themes: Heroism, Honour, Loyalty, Fate (Grade Level 3-6) (Zip Stage 7)

Digital documentaries

Informational texts:

  • The History of Comics: a historical survey of one of the most popular of all text types – from early beginnings, including the ‘Bayeux Tapestry’, through the golden age of Superman and others, to the current ‘Manga’ style. (1264 words) (Zip Stage 10)
  • The Real Story of Fairy Tales: what are fairy tales, what are the most common story archetypes, and what do they mean? (1236 words) (Zip Stage 10)
  • Marvellous Myths and Legends: a survey of some of the greatest of all stories, plus a simple deconstruction of the cultural values they express. (1766 words) (Zip Stage 10)