Program Details – Timeless Tales

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty: The royal baby is celebrated with a great party, but one fairy is not invited, and in revenge she puts the princess under a spell. On her sixteen birthday, the princess pricks her finger and, together with the whole castle, falls into a sleep which will last for 100 years. Eventually a prince, hearing of the vanished princess, breaks into the castle and rescues her. (Flesch grade level: 1.2) (Lexile: 310) (Zip Stage 4)

Snow White

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow White is the most beautiful girl of all, but her wicked stepmother is not happy. The queen has her sent off to be killed, but instead she ends up in the house of the seven dwarfs. All would be well except that the queen hears where she is and goes looking for her, to finish her off once and for all. Wickedness however is thwarted by good, with a happy ending. (Flesch grade level: 1.7) (Lexile: 310) (Zip Stage 4)


Rapunzel: A lovely young girl is taken away by a terrible witch and imprisoned in a tall tower with no door. One day a prince comes by … (700 words) (RR 23-27, Flesch 1.7, Lexile 100-200) (Zip Stage 4)

The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly Duckling: The great Hans Christian Anderson tale about a ‘duckling’ whom everyone mocks because he is ugly. After many a trial, he grows up into a beautiful swan. (710 words) (RR 23-27, Flesch 1.6, Lexile 100-200) (Zip Stage 4)

Peter Pan

Peter Pan: The celebrated story of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up. Wendy, Michael and John go off to Neverland with the wonderful Peter Pan. Neverland is a fabulous place of fairies, mermaids, “lost boys” and pirates. A timeless classic full of adventure, excitement and love. (1750 words) Themes: Compassion, bravery, loyalty (Flesch grade level 1.8) (Lexile: 400) (Zip Stage 4)


Pinocchio: Geppetto longs for a child, so he creates a puppet who looks like a real boy. However, Pinocchio is constantly running away and getting into trouble, despite being warned repeatedly about his mistakes. Finally, he is almost lost – but when he realises his errors and makes amends he is saved. A highly moral and very moving story. (1430 words) Themes: Morality, compassion, learning from your mistakes (Flesch grade level 1.9) (Lexile: 420) (Zip Stage 4)