Program Details – Storytime

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs: The famous cautionary tale brought to life. The pigs build houses out of straw, wood and bricks. Along comes the wolf – who is able to blow down all but the house of bricks. He thinks he is going to eat them all, but the clever little pig has a surprise in store. (378 words) (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.1) (Lexile: 140)

The Billy Goats Gruff

The Billy Goats Gruff: The three billy goats need to cross a bridge, but under it lives a terrible troll with an enormous appetite. How to outwit this ferocious bully and not be eaten in the process? A combination of fast thinking and trickery saves the day. (476 words) (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.2) (Lexile: 170)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A little girl comes upon a house in which live three bears. She can’t help herself. She tastes the porridge, she sits on the chairs, she tries the beds – and then she falls asleep. What will happen when the bears return? (366 words) (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.8) (Lexile: 190)

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood: “Don’t go into the woods. And don’t stop to talk to anyone,” says Red Riding Hood’s mother. And of course she does go into the woods, where she meets the wolf. He learns she is going to Grandma’s and heads off. This is a “nice” retelling of the classic story. (422 words) (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.9) (Lexile: 220)

Wendy and the Pirate: Wendy meets a pirate who is looking for a treasure. He has a map, but he can’t decode the mystery words on it. Wendy helps him decode the clues and sure enough, after a series of little adventures, they find the buried treasure. (630 words) Themes: Problem solving and kindness. (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.2) (Lexile: 250)

Wendy and the Fairy

Wendy and the Fairy: Wendy is in the garden one summer night when she sees fairies dancing. She finds a fairy who has gone to sleep, and captures her. In return for her freedom, the fairy is Wendy’s friend. But how to hide the fairy and to protect her from the family cat? (673 words) Themes: Compassion and caring. (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.2) (Lexile: 230)

Wendy and the Dragon

Wendy and the Dragon: Wendy finds a dragon egg, and shortly after a dragon hatches. She makes the dragon her friend. He takes her off to a mysterious island where the other dragons live, guarding a fabulous treausure. But sooner or later she must come home. (580 words) Themes: Caring and being responsible. (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.3) (Lexile: 240)

Wedny and the Genie

Wendy and the Genie: Wendy finds a lamp and when she rubs it, a genie appears. Sure enough he has three wishes to give Wendy. But he is a very tricky genie and one by one the wishes turn out to be a disappointment. Wendy finally realises wishes are not what she wants anyway – but being herself and being loved. (530 words) Themes: Fantasy and gratitude. (Zip Stage 3) (Flesch grade level: 1.8) (Lexile: 310)