Engaging stories for children in the early primary years who can decodemore complex texts. Our Junior Readers are ideal for children able to independently read RR Levels 16 – 22.

Imaginary Worlds

The Lonely Giant: No one will play with Gumble the giant. The children all say he is ugly. Then one day, a boy is lost. Gumble goes to the rescue. (415 words)
(RR 17-18, Flesch 0.8) (Zip Stage 3)

Pinky the Elephant: A shy elephant is embarrassed about her long trunk. Everyone laughs at her. But the trunk comes in handy in a series of challenges, and saves the day! (220 words)
(RR 16, Flesch 0.9) (Zip Stage 3)

The Silly Mouse: Monty the mouse is very foolish. He thinks he’s brave, but in fact he’s silly and only just escapes a terrible fate, again and again… (578 words)
(RR 17-18, Flesch 0.7) (Zip Stage 3)

The Magic Suitcase: A little girl inds a magic suitcase which responds to her wishes. There are three wonderful wishes, and they all turn out very well. (610 words)
(RR 19-20, Flesch 1.5) (Zip Stage 3)

Wheels of Speed: A boy is given a magical scooter which can ly off into the air. On this wonderful scooter, he explores extraordinary worlds. (710 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.3) (Zip Stage 3)

People Like Me

Tiny Ted saves Tilly: A little dog, the companion of an old lady, goes with her to the park every day. One day, a savage dog appears. (234 words)
(RR 16, Flesch 0.2) (Zip Stage 3)

The Gold Ring: Sam’s Mum has lost her gold wedding ring. It seems to have been stolen. But by whom? (550 words)
(RR 17-18, Flesch 0.2) (Zip Stage 3)

Nobody Loves Me: Sally is having a bad day with Amy, her sister, and her two brothers Mark and Tim. But her Mum gets to the truth about what has really gone wrong. (588 words)
(RR 17-18, Flesch 0.8) (Zip Stage 3)

Before, I was bad: Trish is tired of being ‘a good girl’, so she experiments with being a real nuisance. However, being rude to everyone is not such a good idea. (666 words)
(RR 19-20, Flesch 0.9) (Zip Stage 3)

Poor Little Rich Boy: Freddie lives in a huge house surrounded by luxury. However he is lonely. One day he sees another little boy looking in through the gate, and longs to play with him. (748 words)
(RR 19-20, Flesch 0.6) (Zip Stage 3)

We're All One

Marn Grook: A boy from a First Nations background comes to a new school. He is lonely and sad. But one day his special talents are seen by the other children. Now they all want to be his friend.(480 words)
(Flesch 0.3) (Zip Stage 3)

Mundiba and the Honey: This is a powerful Dreamtime story. Mundiba is very selfish. When he finds honey he refuses to share it with his people. So the wise man of the tribe arranges for him to learn a lesson the hard way. (690 words)
(Flesch 1.3) (Zip Stage 3)

We're All One: The teacher is talking in class about the idea of 'diversity'. With the help of the children they discuss how they are all different, and yet all the same. (544 words)
(Flesch 2.0) (Zip Stage 3)

Who's a Star?: Who will present their act at the end of year show? It turns out that the three children selected are great representatives of the importance of diversity and inclusion.(724 words)
(Flesch 1.2) (Zip Stage 3)

Stories From Long Ago

How the Kangaroo got her Pouch: A Dreamtime story about the kindness the kangaroo showed to the wombat, and how it was repaid with a brand new pouch. (604 words)
(RR 19-20, Flesch 1.8) (Zip Stage 3)

How the Kiwi Bird lost its Wings: A traditional Maori story about how the kiwi came to live on the forest loor and became the most famous and revered bird in New Zealand. (820 words)
(RR 19-20, Flesch 1.9) (Zip Stage 3)

Maui and the Giant Fish: A traditional Maori story about the ancestor who using magic caught a big fish. A strong moral tale from New Zealand. (670 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.1) (Zip Stage 3)

The Magic Paint Brush: A traditional Chinese tale about the boy who has a magical paint brush, so that whatever he paints comes to life. (742 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.1) (Zip Stage 3)

The Mouse Deer and the Cucumbers: A traditional Asian story about a clever mouse deer, who is captured by a farmer, but through cunning is able to escape a horrible fate. (682 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.3) (Zip Stage 3)

The Thirsty Frog: A Dreamtime story about the frog who swallows up all the water in the land, and how the other animals need to find a way to get it to put the water back. (534 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.8) (Zip Stage 3)

Fun Facts

Fun Facts about Fun: Where do circuses come from? Why do clowns wear red and white makeup? Who created merry-go-rounds? Who came up with the roller coaster? (730 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.1) (Zip Stage 3)

Fun Facts about the Body: Why can’t you tickle yourself? Why is the left lung smaller? What’s inside bones? When does the nose go to sleep? Lots of fun facts. (816 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.4) (Zip Stage 3)

Fun Facts about Food: Learn about watermelons, food in space, how many bees make a teaspoonful of honey, chocolate money and accidental food inventions. Lots of fun facts. (760 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.7) (Zip Stage 3)

Fun Facts about Animals: Learn about animals who sleep standing up, the colour of a polar bear’s skin, the bird that can fly backwards, an octopus’s hearts, and more. (668 words)
(RR 21-22, Flesch 2.9) (Zip Stage 3)