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This resouce is divided into two disks:

Disk 1: a DVD (suitable for playing on any DVD player, or computer):

Teacher section  
1 An expert opinion
... live action video: clinical (child) psychologist Dr Simone Heeney offers her professional insights into the problem (6 minutes).
2 Teachers talk about bullying
... live action video: three teachers discuss the specific problems they have encountered in schoolyard and classroom; after each scene Dr Heeney comments on their perceptions and the issues they face (12 minutes).
3 What is bullying?
... documentary presentation introducing the topic, offering advice on bullying (20 menu items with text, art and voiceover).
4 Common bullying situations
documentary presentation dramatising bullying as an issue with specific scenarios — with advice on what to do (8 scenarios).
5 Dealing with bullying
... documentary giving advice on the major issues (eg 'Involving the bystanders as a way to counter bullying') - a brief scenario is presented, and advice is given (24 screens).
6 What would you do?
... documentary in which teachers are given bullying scenarios and asked: 'How would you identify the child who is bullying and the child who is bullied?' and 'What would you do?' (6 scenarios).
Student section  
1 Is this bullying?
... live action video scene, using puppets, which shows bullying in action; questions appear on the screen at the end of the scene (2 minutes).
2 Why isn't our school happy?
... live action video: a 'teacher' introduces the topic, with puppet performers and illustrative art to demonstrate key ideas (5 minutes).
3 How to make our school happy
... live action video: explains remedial (anti-bullying) strategies for victims, bullies and bystanders (with art and puppets to illustrate) (8 minutes).
5 Good friends
... documentary: six scenarios are shown, and questions asked about who acted as a 'good friend'(6 scenarios, each with multiple screens).
4 What to do if you're bullied
... live video: Dr Simone Heeney gives advice to children in difficulty (<5 minutes).
6 No More Bullies
... live video featuring the puppets from earlier modules, plus teachers, who sing and dance the anti-bullying song. (3.5 minutes). The words appear onscreen, to reinforce the main ideas of All Together Now.

Disk 2: a CD, which will run automatically on any PC (Windows) computer.

PDFs (for teachers)

  1. Research on Bullying ... vital background information on the problem
  2. Guide to using All Together Now ... full content summary
  3. Managing student responses ... recommended strategies
  4. Where does bullying happen? ... to help map the problem in your school
  5. Teacher questionnaire ... to focus staff on the problem
  6. Student survey ... to help establish how much bullying is taking place
  7. Helping Bob change ... strategies to correct the bully's behaviour
  8. What's good about me? ... self esteem exercises for the victim
  9. The protective shield ... Dr Heeney's symbolic shield device
  10. Full student material text of All Together Now ... for staff preparation
  11. Instructions for the games (Disk 2 — the CD)
  12. A Whole School Anti-Bullying Policy ... guidelines and advice

Games (for children)

... two interactive games in which a schoolyard or classroom situation is dramatised, and then up to four kids give their testimony; it ends with the question: Who was to blame?

All Together Now
... an interactive board game with multiple Challenges — each a brief scenario, with multiple responses to choose from. Children must choose wisely (putting into practice anti-bullying strategies) in order to finish the game.

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